Revealing the Truth Behind the Garcinia Cambogia Hype

Weight Loss Superfruits Advocated by Dr Oz…

Many Americans, up to 80 million go on a yearly diet in an effort to reduce weight. The situation is much similar in other developed countries where sugary and junk foods are consumed daily. These people who are trying to lose weight are in a continuous struggle to find the most effective weight loss product, programs and superfruit diets. The good news is that pure garcinia cambogia can help in most situations.

The situation is much complicated by the variety of many programs, diet products and supplements in the market that purport to offer short-term fix. Sadly, there exists no magic bullet and only a mere 10 percent register even the remotest of success. One of the most prolific weight loss specialists is Dr Oz who has advocated for a variety of superfruit diets. He constantly warns his followers that in the process of investigating programs and weight loss products, not only should they be aware of high costs and the pressure to buy special foods or pills but also able to detect fraudulent claims. covers a lot of these potential scams to help you avoid them.

Among the variety of superfruit diets that Dr Oz recommends are the Acai Berry, the African Mango, the green coffee extract and the raspberry Ketone. This latter product, the raspberry Ketone has become the latest craze in the weight loss industry owing to its claimed magnanimous fat burning capabilities. Indeed, even tone of the most respected weight loss company, New Life Botanicals has transformed its Superfruit diet formula (SDF-3) to include raspberry Ketone as the main ingredient.

The African Mango, a native West African tree and which has traditionally been used to prevent overeating, is now known to aid in weight loss by making you feel full hence preventing hunger. The other superfruit diet, the Acai Berry, increases body metabolism helping you burn fat and like the African Mango it wards off hunger. Most of the weight gain results from intake of more body fat than the can be burned down.

In addition, the excess carbohydrates usually obtained from sugar in snacks are also converted to fatty acids then fat that is stored in the body. The king of weight loss, Dr Oz also recommends the green coffee bean extract to slow down the formation of fatty acids in the body.
In addition to highly recommending these superfruit diets, Dr Oz insists that the only sure way to lose weight and keep fighting any excess build up is by making a permanent change to your lifestyle.

In this light, one should keep active in the physical sense, eat healthier than you used to all the while watching the amount of food or the portion sizes.